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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Meljun Cortes |


,,, I try living a life that allows others to speak highly of who I am for me, on my own behalf, and know what I'm all about...therefore, I hope to never have to try and persuade others to believe who I am...

I am an explorer type of person that loves to try new and challenging things without thinking negative consequences. I love to travel and meet new faces and new culture. For me, life is too short, every minute counts. Explore life and be happy.
I always want to play with cuddly and cute animals and my heart breaks of their misfortunes.

I love to have fun, and I love to be with ordinary people where I can just be myself. I love down-to-earth individuals, and most of all I adore generous people who share their blessings to the lowly.
My ultimate goal is to be blessed with much blessings so I can help the needy. My heart breaks to see a street child and sick old people in the street begging for food and without shelter. I even feel sad to see astray and sick animals abandoned in the streets. For some reason I can feel their fear and frustrations.
Lastly, there's one thing that I really want to do: to be a devoted good singer.

Additional Hidden Personality::

Considerate, confident,sensitive, aware, deeply compassionate,fun, loving, and loyal..I am deeply grounded in who I am...although at times a little off center. I am nurturing and passionate about life and things I believe strongly. I also find great strength in surrendering...for love peace and friendship. I am health conscious, and physically active, I like to dance. I feel most comfortable in quiet earthy settings..with intimate conversation. My life is about healing divided minds and nurturing the collective heart, one by one... we are one..with laughter, fun, and creative love; music,sharing, and artistic flow...fully living, moving freely... and all kinds of letting go. I am a progressive thinker,always ready to challenge limiting beliefs -including my own. I have been blessed to know love in my life and all the lessons learned from it..and so now... I'm willing to bare my soul for beautiful........
********************************************************************Whom I want to meet:

I'd like to meet kindred souls for friendship, to share experiences that light our paths, on our journeys along the way. Finding a life companion would ultimately be nice, but I'm not heavily focused on that right now. So...someone who is helplessly amusing, musically talented, unpretentious, and self assured. Someone wonder-minded, soul-driven, passionately peaceful, and deeply moved. Someone who cries for the pain, and sings in the rain, who dances like crazy when nothing seems sane. Someone with vision, someone with grit, someone with heart, someone with wit. Warm, compassionate, loving, and true...a well traveled person..and intelligent too.